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My message to you...

I know you want to be the best version of yourself and be a winner.

In order to do that, you want to earn more and have more freedom.

The problem is, you know you could be doing better, but you’re not doing what you want, which leaves you feeling frustrated and worried about your future.

I get it! I was feeling the same way as you, knowing I could be better and do better. Then I found out how to close my Knowing/Doing gap and everything is changing for the better!


For 60 years, The Proctor Gallagher Institute has shown people how to live the kind of life they want and deserve. It’s time to take control of your life and your results.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Get you crystal clear on your goals

2. Create a definite plan to get you taking action

3. Create a mindset to align with your goals and mentor you to make it stick permanently.


Let’s set up a call to discuss your goals and your future.

Stop putting your dreams on hold! You can achieve anything you want and be a winner when you start Thinking Into Results. Bob Proctor created Thinking Into Results as a roadmap for achieving goals and it’s a repeatable formula you’ll use over and over again as your goals get bigger and bigger. Bob will teach you step by step with daily, powerful lessons and action steps to take and I will mentor and direct you along the way.

There are 3 key things you must do to make a significant change...

1. There are success principles that you must learn, adopt and apply.

2. You need a guide to make sure you’re going in the right direction.

3. When you get stuck, you need someone to get you unstuck.


There are a couple of more things you may want to look at to understand what needs to change so you can earn more and be a winner.

Watch these 2 short videos with Bob Proctor First, watch this, so you understand what’s actually stopping you.

Change your habits, Change your life                         The law of attraction explained

Watch this to learn how to attract what

you want and what’s getting in your way. 


Having a mentor saves you a lot of time and money.

Bob explains the importance of having a mentor and using Thinking Into Results.

It’s time YOU start Thinking Into Results!

Let’s set up a call and get you moving in the direction you want! 


What is Thinking Into Results? 

Developed by world-renowned success expert Bob Proctor and CEO Sandy Gallagher, Thinking Into Results is a one of a kind results based system, that  will quickly and permanently transform any goal, dream or desire into reality.


Based on 50+ years of scientific research on personal achievement, the Thinking Into Results program provides the step-by-step process to empower individuals to:

  • Clarify your goal(s) with absolute precision!

  • Cement your goal(s) at the deepest levels of your mind!

  • Harmonize your goal(s) with the natural laws of the universe!

  • Achieve your goal(s) extremely quickly!


Thinking Into Results is a comprehensive consultant-guided program designed to facilitate positive, profound, permanent change in any area of your life including:

  • Debt elimination

  • Home ownership

  • Obtaining a promotion

  • Growing your business

  • Wealth creation

  • Improved health

  • Weight release

  • Healthier & stronger relationships

  • Any goal you choose


Doing the same thing or working harder isn’t the answer.  To get a different result, you must change at the level where the results are created in the first place – in your mind by changing your thoughts!


Thinking Into Results is a map with a proven system to guide you to the growth and success that you have always wanted.



Tell me what you want and I will show you the tools and system to use to make it a reality!
Thinking Into Results
About Michelle Frizzell

Discover a work-life balance


Achieve goals using a scientific process


Identify blind spots and overcome them


Set goals worthy of you







ABOUT michelle Frizzell

Michelle is a results orientated business, financial, trading and personal coach. She has spent the last 20 years in leadership roles, mentoring, coaching and helping others achieve amazing success in all aspects of life.


Michelle is a loving wife, proud mother of 3 amazing little boys, and a caring and compassionate friend.

Before Michelle even knew about Bob Proctor and long before becoming a Proctor Gallagher Institute Thinking Into Results coach, Michelle believed in the law of attraction and achieved great success manifesting wealth and abundance for herself and her family.  Once she realized what she had done, she wanted to help others do the same using Thinking Into Results.

"When you combine the law of attraction with Thinking Into Results, you can literally transform your life.  I will work with and guide you to achieve the goals that you have always wanted - faster than you ever thought possible!"
Are you ready to begin Thinking Into Results?

Giving back

Food Bank

Helping to feed people is a huge passion for Michelle and her family and she and her husband Clint regularly volunteer and donate to local food banks.

Soup Kitchen

Michelle, her husband Clint and her 3 boys volunteer at a local soup kitchen (The Mustard Seed) as they believe that  it is so important to help those in need with proper nutrition and a loving smile.

Seasonal Hampers

Michelle and her family donate and spend time during the holidays volunteering by helping to put baskets together and delivering them to those in need.

Children's Charities

Michelle and Clint have chosen specific children's charities and are monthly donors.  With 3 little boys of her own, she knows how important helping these organizations is for both children and their families.


Michelle has been a leader and contributor for several boards and volunteer organizations, specifically relating to children's needs.

Non-Profit Organizations

Michelle and her family regularly volunteer their time and donates to non-profit organizations.

Marble Surface

Gallagher Vision Statement

Our vision is to significantly improve the quality of lives globally by elevating the quality of thoughts individually.
We do this by educating and empowering our audience through products, services and events that expand awareness and harmonize people with the natural, immutable Laws of the Universe.
We intend to play a significant role in creating a world in which true wealth—spiritual, material, intellectual—flows to, through and from every person in an ever-expanding, never-ending cycle of abundance.
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