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sleep mask with headphones

These sleep headphones are wonderful for meditation, hypnosis, affirmations or hearing trade alerts during the night without bothering your partner while you rest or sleep. Available on Amazon.

Bluetooth Sleepmask.JPG

Gratitude and beautiful journals

Here are some of Michelle's picks for wonderful gratitude and beautiful blank journals.

Gratitude Journal.JPG
Gratitude Journal 2.JPG
Gratitude Journal 3.JPG

Incredible bob Proctor books

Bob has been an incredible and inspirational mentor for me and I highly recommend these amazing books to help you shift your mindset.

ABCs of Success.jpg
Change your paradigm.jpg
Art of Living.jpg
The Secret of the science of getting righ.jpg
Power Principles.jpg

Mindset for growing your wealth

Here are some of Michelle's picks for transforming your wealth into an endless stream of abundance.

Think and grow rich.jpg
The Science of Getting Rich.jpg
Abundance book.jpg

Trading resources for mindset and strategy

Here are some of Michelle's picks for fantastic trading resource books.

Mastering Trading Psychology.jpg
Price Action Trading Secrets.jpg
Mental Game of Trading.jpg
The new tradig for a living.jpg
Trading in the zone.jpg
Candlestick trading bible.jpg
Best loser wins.jpg
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